Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sherwin Nuland and his story of electroshock therapy

Meant to recommend his book, How We Die, a while back after finishing it. It's a summary from a doctor's perspective of the more common ways we die. A bit of pathophysiology; the graphic descriptions were illuminating. For the med crowd, there's a consideration of the psychology of life extension on both the patient and care staff side.
Allow me to take this moment to recommend Wit, starring Emma Thompson, about an English prof being assailed by cancer and chemo. Lots of talking to the camera as she shares each step.
It's amazing to hear this surgeon's account of mental illness which did not come out in his personal anecdotes in the book. This important video helps to dispel some of the stigma surrounding ECT and depression in general for those who think that it's just people complaining.

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