Sunday, March 02, 2008

Titania to produce cheap hydrogen

Nanoptek's approach uses insights from the semiconductor industry to make titania absorb more sunlight. Guerra says that chip makers have long known that straining a material so that its atoms are slightly pressed together or pulled apart alters the material's electronic properties. He found that depositing a coating of titania on dome-like nanostructures caused the atoms to be pulled apart. "When you pull the atoms apart, less energy is required to knock the electrons out of orbit," he says. "That means you can use light with lower energy--which means visible light" rather than just ultraviolet light.

Babies prefer Good Samaritans

This supports the view that our ability to evaluate people is a biological adaptation—universal and unlearned...

Skinnier people live too long, cost health care too much

So, obesity helps out society?

How to make a Terminator mask

How to survive in prison as an innocent man convicted of a sex crime

Specific. The law is a little too imperfect.

Eddie Adams' contextualization of photo of Nguyen Ngoc Loan shooting a Viet Cong prisoner

On not getting the whole story from that photo of the execution in Vietnam:

Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world. People believe them, but photographs do lie, even without manipulation. They are only half-truths. What the photograph didn't say was, 'What would you do if you were the general at that time and place on that hot day, and you caught the so-called bad guy after he blew away one, two or three American soldiers?'"

The picture that Adams took, the picture that CNN thinks is such an atrocious and ignoble deed, ruined Loan's life. More to the point, it didn't expand on "our right to know." It didn't answer questions, or give us the story. It deceived. It gave no context. It confirmed the biases of the anti-war journalists, and they used it to further their agenda.

More affordable (lead-acid, actually) battery for hybrids

Instead of treating the lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors as separate systems, Lamb's team decided to eliminate the need for all external electronics and instead build the supercapacitors directly into the battery. Essentially, one of the plates (the negative electrode) in the lead-acid battery was made half of lead and half of carbon, turning the battery into a supercapacitor-lead-acid hybrid.

Shimon Waronker applies counterinsurgency in Bronx's Junior High School 22

The guy got some tactical intelligence training in ROTC before he became a more observant Hasidic Jew. Got to apply some of his principles as a principal for a really rough school.

Cognition and emotion not so separable

Anatomy has been used to dissociate cognitive and emotional processing, but a thorough examination of brain connectivity suggests that nearly all regions in the brain are highly interconnected. In addition, comparison the pattern of connectivity between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex -- highly interconnected and distant from the sensory periphery -- shows high similarity.

How does one make money on creations for the internet?

When copies are super abundant, they become worthless.
When copies are super abundant, stuff which can't be copied becomes scarce and valuable.

When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.

... In a real sense, these are eight things that are better than free. Eight uncopyable values. I call them "generatives." A generative value is a quality or attribute that must be generated, grown, cultivated, nurtured.

Tired of being PC for the holidays

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Patient gets jaw from own stem cells

When they had enough cells to work with, they attached them to a scaffold made out of a calcium phosphate biomaterial and then put it inside the patient's abdomen to grow for nine months. The cells turned into a variety of tissues and even produced blood vessels, the researchers said.