Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Settling on what the New Testament should be -- the beginning of a single Christianity

Whoa. Well... Hmm... Let's preface this with a consideration of literal truth that describes sensate life versus truth of the human psyche as described by metaphor in art and myth narrative. Therefore we have movies "based" on true stories taking license with facts to convey an emotional reality, or a cubist painting that doesn't help inform one of historical fact.
Well, there is the type of myth that addresses this psyche truth in different life experiences and the steps involved. Thus, the story of Sleeping Beauty doesn't have to have literally happened with its specific names and circumstances to exhibit a certain type of truth that occurs in human experience. In this wise, the story of Jesus doesn't have to have happened historically to exhibit a certain type of truth.
The picture portrayed by this article is from various sources. Supposedly, the First Council of Nicaea was actually constituted of pagan representatives as well as sundry Jesus followers. Constantine hadn't converted; he was no longer willing to brook the discord among the various religions across the empire. Eventually, he mixed together a figure from the West and one from the East, and got somebody to cobble together New Testimonies that had elements from all the known religions (mostly from Persian Mithraism, Constantine's religion).
Disagree? Well, how does anyone come to know what he or she knows? What does it mean to "know" some fact as such?

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